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Your African Safari begins with us…

Safari Concierge Agency making high quality adventures in southern Africa possible.

If you always dreamt about safari hunting or going on a Photo safari in Africa, Wild Safari Africa Adventures can help make your dreams become a reality.

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Africa… A world of natural beauty

       Are you ready to experience low lying clouds around the hills of the savannah
       during cool early mornings? The sights and sounds of plains game running as
       you drive across the grassy plains.

       Feeling the heart pounding thrill of stalking through a sub-tropical thicket
       of the karoo bushveld and savannah in search of African game.

       Elegant sounds and silhouettes during sunset of Zebra and Antelope on the
       African plains as you return back to camp after a long day on safari.

         The comradery of new friends as you sit around flickering embers of a nightly
         campfire with a sundowner in hand sharing stories of your day while
         enjoying the larger-than-life sunsets.

                   “This… is… Africa…”

“More than an agency…”

Welcome to Wild Safari Africa Adventures

Where your world-class African hunting adventure begins; with our wide network of international safari outfitters and concessions specializing in African Plains Game & Big 5 along with photographic safaris throughout southern Africa. We will put together a tailor-made package(s) to suit YOUR needs & BUDGET in one of our 4 & 5 star traditional African Pole built Thatched roof lodges, Colonial style lodges or en-suite luxury tented safari camps. Exclusive Trophy Hunts, Management Hunts, Parent Child Hunts and new is our Safari hunting on Horseback.

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Matching you with the right outfitter and access to well skilled, friendly PH’s (Professional Hunters), Trackers & Skinners or Guide, that will work with you side-by-side on the plains, to ensure you an exciting and most pleasureable safari experience on the Dark Continent.

The preferred method and true African hunting experience “Spot & Stalk” keeping in mind this method is fair chase. For people with a disability, we can arrange hunting from a blind or a Spot & Drive method. We can accommodate the Archer as well.

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During your hunting adventure, you will be assisted by an experienced team of skilled, friendly PH’s, Trackers & Skinners or Guide. All our Outfitters are committed to animal conservation fair chase hunting; giving you, OUR client, the hunting/photo experience of a lifetime.

Regardless of whether you are after Plains Game, one of the Big Five, Tiny Ten or one of the Small Cats; your experienced and qualified PH will strive to put you on the right animal every time. 

Southern Africa has a variety of unique habitats where trophy animals vary from Plains Game to Birds and Dangerous Game. A priority of our outfitters is the long-term management of these species, conversation through sustainable hunting, and the support of anti-poaching units year-round in Africa…

To Begin Your Safari Adventure

We just need a little information from you to begin. Please click on Contact Us and fill out our Safari Adventure Questionnaire (SAQ), this will help us put together your dream safari package that will fit your budget, personal preferences and needs for your Dream adventure of a lifetime. After we receive the completed questionnaire, we will contact you and answer all your questions.

If you have any questions about the (SAQ) please contact us via, phone, text or email.

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Southern Africa Map

southern Africa

South Africa Map

South Africa

“Thank you for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire”

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