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Glenn Ridge

    Born in Tennessee lived and raised throughout Texas, Missouri and Georgia, now residing in Atlanta, Georgia Area while not in Africa helping with his clients and outfitters. Glenn has been involved with the hunting and outdoor industry here and abroad for 40 years, the last 10 with the safari industry. Owner & Operator of Wild Safari Africa Adventure’s, LLC a safari concierge & booking agency for 4 and 5-star Safari Outfitters working together side-by-side in and out of the field with clients throughout Southern Africa and Host of Wild Safari Africa YouTube Channel. 
     He started this Agency out of the love he has for the wilds of Africa. With clients in mind, he wants them to be able to experience the same beauty and the enjoyment of a photo safari or a hunt of a life time without breaking the bank His goal is to help provide his clients with an enjoyable and stress-free safari.
     Being an avid hunter and conservationist for over 40 years; Glenn is a firm believer that awareness of wildlife conservation begins with the youth through hunter’s education programs and the involvement in the outdoors with Family. He’s a strong supporter of anti-poaching and conservation thru sustainable hunting. A life member of Dallas Safari Club National, Co-founder and Vice-President of Dallas Safari Club Georgia Chapter and member/supporter of SCI, NRA and CPHC-SA.