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Clothing should be as comfortable as possible. Mornings and evenings can be cold so good jackets will be needed.
Make sure you have a comfortable pair of boots with ankle support. A second pair of boots is always useful in case you happen to get your one pair of boots wet.
Layered clothing is always a good idea as the mornings and evenings can be cool while the middle of the day gets warm.

We recommend:

⦁ Comfortable walking/hunting boots with ankle supports
⦁ Fleece vest or sweater (make sure it’s warm for winter months)
⦁ Sleeping lounging around camp attire
⦁ Casual shoes
⦁ Hat/Cap
⦁ Leather gloves
⦁ Rain jacket
⦁ 3 complete sets of hunting clothes (Underwear, socks, pants, shirts, t-shirts)
⦁ 2 casual clothing sets for excursions away from the Lodge
⦁ Swimsuits
⦁ Personal toiletries (toothbrush & paste, antiperspirant, shaving kit, tweezers, etc…)
⦁ Otc Meds – Tylenol, Aspirin or Other, Sinus meds, Benadryl, Anti-Diarrheal and Anti-Acid
⦁ 50/100 SPF Sunscreen lotion and Lip balm
⦁ Insect repellent
⦁ Passport (must have at least 4 blank pages)
⦁ Extra copies of Prescription, medications you require and small personal First-Aid kit
⦁ Binoculars
⦁ Knife
⦁ Fanny or Backpack
⦁ Camera with extra memory cards
⦁ Spare batteries for flashlight and Camera
⦁ Sunglasses
⦁ US to RSA plug-in adaptor (available at all airports)
⦁ Flashlight
⦁ Shooting sticks (We have sticks but if you would prefer the sticks you have practiced on and are comfortable with then bring yours. Put in your gun bag)

Medications & Immunizations Requirements

You will be hunting in a malaria free area and malaria medication is not required. I would recommend you update your tetanus inoculation if necessary and any other routine vaccinations you may need. We can help you with this.

⦁ No vaccines are needed to enter South Africa
⦁ Medical air rescues are available throughout the country in cases of emergency
(We recommend you have Travel Insurance we can write this policy for you which provides Medevac services back to the State’s. We work with two major Travel Insurance companies.)
⦁ Each professional hunter (Guide) carries a first aid kit and is trained in first aid
⦁ South Africa has very good hospitals
⦁ Majority of or outfitters are situated in a malaria free area