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Come… Join us!

When to plan your dream adventure:

Due to southern Africa’s moderate year-round climate, hunting season is open throughout the year in most regions. However, it is recommended that hunting safaris be planned between March and October as these are the cooler months.

Everyone is a VIP with us..

With our years of experience knowing all the procedures that is require to get you to your safari destination. Our goal is to make your overall experience as stress free as possible.

⦁ We’ve done all the legwork for you in researching and vetting the outfitters and taxidermist we represent, making sure they will give you their best towards your safari and after.

⦁ Providing a service that is non-fee based unlike other agencies who will charge a fee on top of fees.

⦁ You will receive the same pricing from us as if you had book direct with the assurance, knowing you have someone in the States. We are here for you taking the worries out of your trip.

Assisting and helping you with…

*Trip Preparation (what to take), *Airfare, *VIP Meet & Greet (arrival & departure), *Travel/Emergency Insurance, *fill out & submission of CBP-4457 form (US Custom for proof of rifle ownership), *SAP520 & Temporary rifle import permits form for Country of destination, * Taxidermy, *Logistics (shipping of your animals) and more…
WSA Epi. 1 - Limpopo Blue Wildebeest & in Memory of River L. _Moment(4)
WSA Epi. 1 - Limpopo Blue Wildebeest & in Memory of River L. _Moment(3)
WSA Epi. 1 - Limpopo Blue Wildebeest & in Memory of River L. _Moment(2)
WSA Epi. 1 - Limpopo Blue Wildebeest & in Memory of River L. _Moment(9)
WSA Epi. 1 - Limpopo Blue Wildebeest & in Memory of River L. _Moment(8)

Wanting a “Professional” Photographer(s) to photo & video your adventure as well? We can arrange this for you…

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P1350727 (2)

And for…

The Experienced Travelers whose been to the Dark Continent but prefer handling their own trip preparations yet needs help in narrowing down the right Outfitter or service for their safari adventure; we can assist you.

“See you on the Plains!” ™

Major hunting, fishing and photo destinations:

South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Botswana

Wild Safari Africa Adventures and our outfitters priorities are focused on you and the long-term management of these species, conversation through sustainable hunting, and the support of anti-poaching units year-round in Africa…

Why book with us!

A trip with us is not just about getting off a plane shooting “bang bang” at some animals and leaving again, oh no it’s not. Your trip is your trip, it’s like no other. Our priorities along with our Outfitters are focused on you. We capitalize on our strong points. Reading a client to such an extent that his or her or the families trip feels like a customized package catered for their needs and when you leave it will be with the feeling of being Family. We are with you from the start till the time you return home from your safari and after. That’s what makes us different.