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General Information:

Traveling to South Africa with Children

If your child is going to fly internationally, the child will need a passport or visa to enter/exit another country. You can apply for a passport through the U.S. Department of State, but allow plenty of time to complete the process. Waiting until the last minute could hinder your travel. A certified State of birth copy of the child’s Birth Certificate.


Clients will be picked up at the nearest airport and driven to the lodge.

Weather Averages

Our summer months run from December to February, with temperatures varying from 55/86 degrees to 59/88 degrees. Summer is our rainy season.
Fall/Autumn: March to May from 54/83 to 36/71
Winter: June to August from 29/65 to 33/71
Spring: September to November from 41/77 to 53/84
Early mornings and evenings can be very cold, often experiencing frost.

Rifle Permits &Transport of Firearms and Bows

Clients are advised to bring their own weapons and ammunition which you are familiar with. You will be more confident and comfortable with a weapon that you know. Our outfitters always have weapons in various calibers available for rent during safaris, if you choose not to go through the process of the temporary importation of weapons.


⦁ COPY OF INVITATION LETTER (Letter from Safari Company)
⦁ COPY OF RETURN TICKET (Itinerary/Flight ticket)

⦁ US Custom 4457 Form

⦁ PROOF OF OWNERSHIP FOR FIREARM – A US Customs (CBP) Form 4457 that has been filled out, signed and stamped by US Custom with their Certified Stamped Seal. (Check the top right corner of your CBP Form 4457 where it has Expiration Date making sure your travel falls before this Exp. Date.)

⦁ After you have filled out the CBP Form 4457 (We will assist you with this) take the completed Form with your firearm (unloaded) to your nearest US Customs/Homeland Security office (We will help you located the nearest office to you and give you finial instruction on what to do once you arrive at the US Customs/Homeland Security office)

⦁ Bring your completed CBP Form 4457 inside the US Customs/Homeland Security office leaving your (unloaded) firearm locked in your vehicle; the Customs Officer will follow you back outside to check your firearm and make sure you have the right information on the 4457 Form. After which he will register and stamp with the Certified Seal. (Please check the date on the US Custom stamped seal at the custom office making sure it is the same year of your travel).

⦁ After you have your Certified Stamped, (CBP) Form 4457, we recommend you get a notarized copy made to leave at Home during your travel.

⦁ COPY OF LETTER OF PERMISSION (In which you give us permission to handle your Permit)

⦁ THE SAPS 520 Export Permits FORM for South Africa

⦁ The US Custom 4457 Form and THE SAPS 520 Export Permits FORM We can provide these Forms and assist you in filling them out and where to submit them. Contact us at:

~ Please note that these documents are to be completed for Export Permits before 35 working days (Monday to Friday) to hand in at the Police in Pta, SA before arrival date!

Important to Remember
The importation of automatic or semi-automatic weapons is prohibited into South Africa. Only one weapon is allowed per caliber per person. A maximum of 200 cartridges totaling no more than 11lbs is allowed. The temporary import permit will not be granted to any person under the age of twenty-one (21) years

Export of Hunting Trophies

Once your Safari has come to an end all your trophies will go through the first process of cleaning with the Outfitters then they will be transported to a Splitting Image Taxidermy (This cost is included in your safaris).
Splitting Image Taxidermy will prepare all your trophies for export, according to regulations of both South Africa and the Country of Destination.  They also apply for all the export permits of your trophies.  (This cost is not included in your safaris.)
It is recommended that you pay for this service before departing South Africa to ensure there is no delay in the shipment of your trophies.  The cost of this will depend on the number of trophies you export. 
Upon completion of this process, Splitting Image Taxidermy will send the crated trophies to another company for export. We recommend using Coppersmith Global Logistics based out of Atlanta, Ga. having offices throughout the States.
Once the trophies have reached their final destination you will be contacted by your import company for payment and collection.
The time it takes for your trophies to reach their final destination depends on various factors.  Usually about 6 months. If you want to use your Taxidermist for mounting your animals, we will need his/her ID number before your trip.
If you allow Splitting Image Taxidermy to mount your animals you will receive no less than the highest quality of workmanship, they know every detail of your animal and within 6 to 7 months if not sooner you will receive them V.S. using yours which could take up to 12 to 18 months after they have received your animals’ skills, horns & hides.
Cost wise and shipping between the two is about the same almost a wash if not better.